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Respond to clients needs confidently with a better, healthier, and more positive perspective with the careful and thorough guidance of Dr. Nehama Barouk. A practicing psychotherapist, Dr. Barouk assists children, adolescents, and adults towards every life difficulties, mental hindrances, or emotional pain with holistic psychotherapy services in NJ, The Bronx, and NYC. From marriage counseling to family therapy, anxiety to depression, her office addresses a wide range of personal and family issues that may thwart personal, social, emotional and relationship growth.

About Dr. Nehama Barouk – Pyschotherapist in NJ

Dr. Nehama Barouk worked in the school system as a school psychologists in Hudson County, NJ. As a school psychologists, she has administered, interpreted, and evaluated IQ and achievement tests as well as actively served as a member of the Child Study Team. She later earned her doctorate degree in Psychology and has since expanded her practice not only children but also adults and families.

Philosophy and Approach

Dr. Barouk’s practice is goal-oriented and makes use of a problem-solving approach to ultimately teach and educate her clients about their specific difficulties. She uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and family therapy to lead children, teenagers, and adults towards self-awareness and a healthy insight into their own behaviors.

Using both her extensive life experiences and training, Dr. Barouk helps her clients effectively deal with emotional pain, trauma, depression, anger, relationships, unstable marriage life, and other personal and social problems. She provides clients with better and reality-based perspective on life’s challenges, increasing their decision-making abilities, motivating them to fully express themselves, become more resilient, and eventually find their own sense of happiness.

Take that first step towards emotional security, psychological balance, improved family and marital relationships or simply a healthier well-being from the inside out. Call the office of Dr. Nehama Barouk for family therapy, marriage counseling, and psychotherapy services for children, adolescents, and adults in NJ, The Bronx, and NYC.


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